Five Tips to Prevent Yellow Fever

With the increase in the incidence of dead monkeys and the number of people with the yellow fever virus. Some tips that it received to fight the disease.

The fever yellow is a serious infectious disease caused by a virus and transmitted by vectors, which can occur both in urban areas as well as in wild environments. When disseminated in the cities, it is called Urban Yellow Fever and is transmitted by the mosquito Aedes Aegypti – the same one that transmits dengue.

It is worth clarifying that, to date, there is no way to transmit yellow fever among people, only through the mosquito. Therefore, any unvaccinated person who resides or travels to the areas where the disease is spread is at risk of contracting it.

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Usually, most people who get the virus have no symptoms. The most common signs are low fever, muscle aches, head and joint pain, nausea, vomiting, and weakness. Some patients may experience more severe symptoms, such as high fever, yellowing of the skin (jaundice), vomiting of blood, dark urine, bleeding and reddened eyes. So I separated some tips for preventing the disease:

1. Vaccinate: Recommended for routine actions in a large part of the country, the yellow fever vaccine should be given to residents of the Vaccine Recommendation Area (ACRV) or travelers traveling to those regions. The Ministry of Health started to adopt a single dose of the vaccine for vaccination recommended areas throughout the country and emphasizes that the fractionated dose is as effective as the vaccine in the standard dose, the only difference being the protection time of at least, one year.

This drug is composed of live, moderate live viruses of Strain 17D. The vial contains dehydrated substances accompanied by saline solution. Carry out vaccination prevents diseases – in humans and other vertebrates – caused by the virus of the Flavivirus family. Currently, the person must administer two doses with an interval of ten years between both vaccines. Outside Brazil, the World Health Organization recommends a dose;

2. Consult your doctor if you have symptoms: Symptoms usually appear three to five days after the transmitter bites. The mortality rate of the disease can reach up to 80% and can be compared to that of viruses such as Ebola and Marburg and other viral hemorrhagic infections. If you experience any of the symptoms listed above, seek medical help immediately to receive proper treatment and do not worsen your health;

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3. Use repellent: The use of insect repellents is a good alternative to protect yourself from the transmitting mosquito. The idea is to periodically apply the product to the exposed areas of the body such as neck, arms, legs, and hands every three hours. In hotter seasons, where contact with the sun is unavoidable, it is important to wear sunscreen and repellent at the same time;

4. Remove possible outbreaks of mosquito breeding: Avoid keeping containers with standing water inside and outside your home. Insects usually lay their eggs in places with still water, such as buckets, puddles, sewers, jugs, old tires, and animal drinkers. With moisture, the eggs develop and give rise to larvae and, consequently, to new insects. Dispose of household waste as trash, for example in closed plastic bags or in buckets with a lid;

5. Do not believe in myths: the yellow fever vaccine is 100% safe and highly effective. Side effects are few and far between. The doctor responsible for the application of the vaccine may clarify any type of doubt about the subject. There is no clinical evidence that the vaccine causes sexual dysfunction, amputation, or other sudden illness. Do not give credence to these kinds of myths.

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