Meet the best inventions of this 2018

Science is a tool that can help human beings to understand their surroundings and know how to use it to their benefit, to build a sustainable world. We will show you the most ingenious inventions of 2018.

Electronic sticker. The firm Roche Posay presented a small electronic sticker that when applied to the skin can measure UV rays and prevent dermatological diseases. It measures 2 millimeters by 9 and can be placed on the nail, arm, or any part of the body that is exposed to the sun.

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Artificial embryos Scientists at the University of Cambridge developed an artificial mouse embryo with stem cells, which will help to understand how life is shaped and to explain why so many pregnancies end in abortion. To achieve this milestone, they used a combination of embryonic and extraembryonic stem cells in 3D scaffolding.

Helmet with technology. The helmet is equipped with headphones that connect to smartphones and allow music to be played, as well as listening to ambient sound at the same time so that the user does not disconnect from their surroundings.

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Immediate translators. Different companies have created electronic translators, similar to a remote control, that can translate up to 80 languages immediately, which eliminates the language barrier for many cultures and people.

Protection of privacy Due to the sensitive nature of electronic transactions and hackers, some scientists have worked on a security protocol called “Test of zero knowledge”, which uses “blockchain” technology, which allows transactions to not be tracked.


* The company Net Power has created a technique that can recycle CO2 by subjecting it to a high pressure and temperature in a power plant, to help generate more electricity. This means zero CO2 emissions.

* Smart Palm are metallic palm trees that have wifi functions and mobile charger.

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